Tuesday, September 8, 2009

President's Speech

I am not a political person and don't like the politics that are being played in Washington and/or Topeka with our school children. It doesn't matter if you are liberal, conservative, independent, or not involved I think schools should be left out of the political arena, but unfortunately they have been thrown into the middle of the fray.

The speech Mr. Obama is delivering today to our children is trying to help us in public education, by encouraging kids to reach their potential and to stay in school. I get agitated when pundits try to read into a situation things that I have no intelligent reason for believing. I do not believe Mr. Obama will try to convert our kids to Islam, create socialists, or have them become health care reformists. He is trying to do the same thing we in public education are trying to do, motivate kids to be the best they can be, and how important their education is. Can you imagine your reaction if a student came to a counselor, teacher, or administrator and said they wanted to drop out of school and our reaction was the same as many people across our country and we sat idly by and watched this student withdraw from our school. Shame on us.

Mr. Obama is our President, like it or not, and I for one respect the office no matter who sits in the chair. If you don't like his policies we have the opportunity in four years to replace him. I just hate to see kids used as political pawns and having to worry about who gets offended if we are not politically correct. If you wish to read the speech, it is on the school website.

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