Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Two Hand Set Shot

When we first learned to shoot a basketball, we all used the two hand set shot because we were to weak to get the ball up to the goal any other way. Then as we got older our shot changed, because we got stronger, and could get the ball to the goal with one hand. The only problem was our accuracy suffered because it was a different way of shooting. Our coaches pointed out, though, that the two hand set shot was to easy to block and we had to change. The ones that changed to shoot the way we were coached lasted, the ones that couldn't give up the two hand set shot dropped out of the sport.

Most of us are self taught, we use what we know and what talents we have to succeed. But once we encounter a situation or challenge that is on a different level than we have experienced before how many of us revert back to the two hand set shot? It can be very uncomfortable to change old behaviors, and usually the first few tries at something we fail, just like the one handed shot. We must stay the course because we know that is what is best in the long run and all that is necessary is to practice the new behaviors. As life and changes get more competitive we are constantly taking our game to different levels, and as painful as it sometimes is we must learn new ways to handle the new problems we are faced with.

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