Tuesday, October 13, 2009

12 Warning Signs That Your Child May Be Overscheduled

There may not be a "right" number of activities for every child,but ask yourself these questions to check if your child's getting enough downtime.

1. Does he/she act grouchy, mopey or irritable?
2. Can he/she fall asleep at bedtime?
3. Are his/her grades slipping? Does he/she finish his/her homework?
4. Has he/she started overeating?
5. Does he/she zone out in front of the TV?
6. Is he/she complaining of stomachaches, headaches, or mysterious illnesses?
7. Does he/she get bored easily?
8. Is he/she overanxious about getting approval from authority figures?
9. When heading out the door, does he/throw a tantrum or "lose" equipment?
10. Does he/she pick fights with her siblings or complain you don't love her as much?
11. Can he/she keep track of where he/she is supposed to be?
12. Is his/her schedule draining you or your family members?
If your child exhibits a few of these behaviors on an ongoing basis you may want to re-examine his after-school schedule.

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