Monday, October 26, 2009


Pittsburg Colgan is a better football team than the Pleasanton Blu-Jays.

I do not want to discuss the difference between private and public schools. I believe in public education and its benefits.

This past Friday night, October 23, our football team played at St. Marys-Colgan. We had three members gone to Indianapolis to the FFA National Convention, which left us with only 14 in uniform. Colgan is down this year in their numbers they only have sightly over 50 playing football. The clock ran the second half, Colgan won the game 39-0. None of this matters.

What matters was the extraordinary effort put out by our players, knowing they were outmanned I couldn't have been more proud of our kids for the valiant effort that was put out. As the game wore on I became more and more proud watching our kids battle, I am very happy to be a Pleasanton Blu-Jay.

It didn't stop at our players either, our coaches coached the entire game as if it were a 0-0 game and never stopped demanded the very best from our kids. The cheerleaders performed throughout the entire night and kept our crowd involved until the end, kudos to you, and your leadership, our fans stayed until end on a cold and wet night the simple thing would have been to get in your car and head home, however, not one person did. I did watch the Colgan fans stream out at halftime as if a fire alarm had been sounded.

Sports are not intended to teach character, but more often than not sports reveal character, and judging from last Friday night that is one trait we are not short on. My hats off to everyone involved.

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